Nnenia Joseph is our February author of the month

Nnenia Joseph, Ph.D.


  👏🏿Our February Author of the Month is Nnenia Joseph.  Joseph has been an educator for over 15 years.  She has firsthand knowledge of the difficulties children have with mathematics. In an effort to help her own daughter, she created the book series, Maddie, the Mathematician. Dr. Joseph hopes Maddie helps children have fun with math and understand that mathematics is used every day. 

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  Maddie is a very curious girl that falls in love with mathematics. As she explores her world, she discovers that math is all around her. Join Maddie as she makes mathematical discoveries and develops into a mathematician.

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 Maddie the Mathematician discovers the mathematical adventure in sharing. She learns how sharing can not only be fun, but full of mathematics when her mother bakes cookies for her class. A problem arises when Ms. Burkett notices that there is a problem with the treat Maddie's mom has prepared. Discover how Maddie and her friends solve the mathematical problem.