Expand Your Readership With Avant-garde Books!

Here’s how Avant-garde Books helps independent authors:

Promotion: When we read a good book, we share that information with others. We don’t charge a penny to promote you. Whether we sell your book or not, we will tell others about your work. Please mail us a copy for review. For us, building literacy is our most important mission.

Exposure: While we operate two online bookstores, we vend at events all over the Southeastern coast of the United States. Last year, we were vendors at Sweet Auburn Fest, Taste and Soul Atlanta, and Juneteenth as well as small events throughout the Atlanta Metropolitan area. Depending on the space and theme of the event, we will make your book available to readers.

Consulting: Before we sold books, we read them as well as wrote and published them. In fact, we still do! We use this expertise to help your project look and become the best it can. To compete in the expansive and changing global, book market, you must create exceptional work. We can help you achieve success because we see things from many different perspectives. Our customers continue to inspire us to learn and grow through their candid feedback about the books we sell. We offer book evaluations and feedback for nominal fee. We want people to read and enjoy your book. Even a good book can become like a needle in a haystack. Let us help you expand your readership. Please email us at avantgardebooks@gmail.com for more information.

Buying your book(s): We will consider buying your book. Send us an email with your wholesale price and suggested retail price. We would need a copy of your book for review to determine if we can accommodate your prices.

You can send us a copy of your book for review to: Avant-garde Books, Post Office Box 566, Mableton, Georgia 30126. Thank you! We look forward to serving you!