Tips for Building Literacy

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♥Tip for Building Literacy: For deficient learners, start off with short, engaging and simple passages of literature. Proficiency starts with mastering the basics!

♥Tip for Building Literacy: Don't just give children books. Teach them about the power of literacy. Let them know how reading helps them!

♥Tip for Building Literacy: Read to your children. Children cannot reproduce words they haven't ever heard. Expose them to rich vocabulary!

Avant-garde Books is excited about helping people discover the power of reading books! We believe that the ability to read can constructively transform lives in immeasurable ways. We are committed to building literacy, particularly among disadvantaged and at-risk youth. Please contact us if you need one-on-one tutoring or enrichment at Let's read together!

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Tip for Building Literacy: Be careful about focusing too much on reading levels. While it’s good to choose challenging books, you want children to enjoy reading. Allow them to choose books they like which may be easy to read. When children feel confident, they will read more!

♥Tip for Building Literacy: Model good reading habits for your children. Let them see you reading. Share your excitement about reading a book. Explain why it’s important to read labels and directions before using things. So often children do what you “do” more than what you say.  Your children will likely follow your reading habits.