Bookstore Dreams

While Avant-garde Books is an online bookstore, about 80% of its revenue comes from direct, face-to-face sales. Our team feels blessed to have been able to vend at small events, and big ones like Sweet Auburn Fest. During our year in business, we have been fortunate to meet some wonderful people. The question we have been asked at every single event is “Where is your bookstore located?

We are always mindful to answer that we don’t have one, “yet”. The truth is that it's difficult to sell books when we don’t have a place to do so. Therefore, if you are a philanthropist and looking for ways to empower others, please consider helping us open a café/bookstore in the Atlanta Metropolitan area. Our vision includes more than selling books. We want to offer a place that nurtures synergy; educational opportunities; and creative expression. Your financial support would help us get the inventory we need; and secure a place that could accommodate people who enjoy a good cup of coffee and a quiet space for reading.

 We’re ready so please contact us at if you have a passion for literacy and learning! We are sincerely appreciative of any help you can offer. Peace and abundant blessings to you!

We hope you would suppport our efforts to empower people through literacy. Your contribution will help us provide books to disadvantaged and at-risk children all over the nation. Thank you!

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