The Benefits of Reading Books!

Boost your memory. (Research studies have revealed that reading helps your brain to concentrate better and critically think, unlike activities such as watching TV.)


Look and feel younger. (Reading books helps you to keep your thoughts on something other than stress. Reading nurtures your intellectualism, imagination, and creativity which reduces cognitive decline.)


Improve your vocabulary and language skills. (You can't produce vocabulary that you've never seen. Reading allows you to learn new words in context about a myriad of topics. Reading makes you feel smarter and more confident.)


Get information. (Knowledge is power. The more you know, the more options you have in life, and the more empowered you will feel.)


Heal your heart. (The brain is wired to learn and grow through stories. Whether it's fiction or inspirational, true-life stories, reading about how other people overcame negative circumstances can be potentially healing to you.)


Solve problems. (If you're trying to figure out something, reading a book can help you find the answers you need to solve problems. Don't remain frustrated, read a book.)


Never lose power. (No electricity or batteries required. You don't have to worry about your battery going out or your electronic device losing power. You can read a book without interruptions.)


Reduce stress. (Life has difficult seasons. One of the best ways to cope with stress is to pause and take a moment to read a great story. No matter what has to be done, you deserve a moment to relax and read. For at least 30 minutes each day, drop everything and read.)


Travel through time. (Most of us have heard the old cliché that knowing the past teaches us how to live better in the present and future. Reading is a great way to learn about history and how it's shaped our thoughts and behavior.)


Save money. (Reading costs far less than other forms of entertainment. Moreover, your small investment in a book never depreciates because it's there to re-read at any time.)