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Avant-garde Books is GRATEFUL for everyone who helped make the 2017 African-American Booklovers Expo successful!

(left to right) Sayuri Smith, Will Brown, Eric Reese, Valerie Winrow, and Mechelle Stephens

Frank Jordan


Mechelle Stephens

(Left) Shana Thornton

(Right) Corendis C. Hardy, CEO of

Avant-garde Books

(left) Dr. Gretchen Torbert  and Sayuri Smith

Shandia Smith-Little

G. Andre Sealy (Right)

Careshia Scott Moore with her daughter, Mikaela

Sandra A. Roberts (Right)

Julian K. Smith, Jr. (Right)

Roy Dallas (Seated)

Shawn Upson 

Sharon Bennett

Latanza Warren 

Eric Reese (Right) 

Danielle Butler (Center) and the inspiration for The Adventures of Zoe and Zachary Book Series 

Dawnell Jacobs

Lisa Petros

Valerie Winrow (Right)

Valerie Winrow

Zyon Daniels

Tracy Mitchell

Daniel Porter (Left) and Frank Jordan