Author of the Month

Avant-garde Books salutes author and CEO of Watch God Work Ministries,

 Mechelle Stephens!

January 1 - 31, 2018

     Mechelle Stephens, also known as “The Mask Lady” is the author of Unmasking, an autobiography in which she candidly shares her tumultuous journey as a survivor of child abuse. The book encourages readers to stop hiding in the shadows of shame and live a victorious life.
Recently, she also published, The Secret Place, a book about building greater intimacy with God.

     As a prophetess, certified life coach and transformational, Stephens helps to empower and inspire individuals to move from hopelessness to hope by sharing her traumatic experience as a victim of childhood sexual abuse, domestic violence, and self-destructive behaviors. Stephens has appeared on numerous TV, radio, and other media outlets.

     Additionally, she has spoken on panels, seminars, workshops, and training programs. She has experience working in a variety of settings including community, church, organizations, non-profits, stakeholders, and law-enforcement agencies.
     Stephens is also the Founder and CEO of WGW (Watch God Work) Ministries, Incorporated, a 501c3 organization that provides Christian outreach services along with a plethora of tools and resources that spread the Good News of Christ.
     She is married to Samuel B. Stephens, Sr., and is the proud mother of three children. You can contact her at unmaskingthebook@gmail.comClick here to access her website: Mechelle Stephens